Short Term Rentals

Are suitable for family holidays, trips with friends, mixing business with pleasure, seniors, solo, millennials, and event travelers, as an alternative to a hotel stay. lt is an affordable option and might be 25 - 30 % cheaper than a hotel room. Our one or two-bedroom apartments are fully furnished and equipped, providing hotel-like amenities, and are rented on a daily bases. To plan - your - stay, please contact one of our travel advisors for suggestions and tips. 

Medium or Long Term Rentals

There is a new way to stay in the city, live - like - a - local in a home - away - from - home environment. We renting fully furnished and equipped one or two-bedroom apartments on a monthly bases. Our apartments offer more space, on average you can expect to enjoy 30 % more space than an equivalent hotel room, with separate kitchen area, and properly equipped living, dining, working areas, and bedrooms. Please contact one of our customer service team for details. 

AII - inclusive Term Programs

Ultracareapartments is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions and services to its customers traveling to Athens Greece for holidays, business, relocation, medical, educational or event participation purposes and are looking for a one-stop source with the scope to get information, save costs and time, and receive full support. For details of the programs available, please refer to our services offered or contact one of our customer service team.

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